What type of Headphones should I use?

What type of Headphones should I use?

The current market for headphones gives the user a wide range of options for how they can listen to their music. If you’re on the go, at home or in public, headphones can be suited for all budgets, needs and styles.

Connections and types of Headphones can play a big part in how you listen to your music. Do you want something to listen to on the train? In the car? Or whilst you’re moving around the house? All these options can be accommodated for with the right type of connection.


If you’re looking for a particular connection type or are just seeing what’s available on the market, we’ve lined up three different categories of headphones with a few examples in the range.


These models are all ideal for the standard user: For music, film audio and audiobooks. We’re going to look at three different types of connections commonly available on headphones and how they’re used- These are: Cable, RF & Bluetooth.


Cable (Audio Jack connection)

An audio jack connection is the simplest link between device and headset. It is a cable between the headset and headphones. The natural advantage is the cable, unless broken, is a direct link between the device and ear that cannot lose contact. Most headsets have built-in cables but some are interchangeable, meaning you have option of upgrading to a higher connection or simply a different colour. Cabled headphones also have the advantage of not needing any external power.




ntune phone head


Bluetooth is a great connection option for headphones as it cuts out the need for wires, whilst still keeping a pure connection. Bluetooth transmits signals over radio-waves at a short distance so the signal is strong and power efficient. It’s perfect for use with headphones as your personal area network (PAN) is at a short range, meaning the signal is strong giving you a great connection. Bluetooth is very power efficient and can be used at any point as long you’re in range of your twinned device. It’s a great technology to use if you’re in a car or the house and don’t want wires to tangle everything up.

xenta btoooth
The headband style makes them perfect for runners and those needing to keeps their hands free.

Comfort Wireless Headphones


We were particularly intrigued by The Blaupunkt 112’s Wireless headphones. This set is almost a hybrid in headphone terms.

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